Hot Tub Bust Out

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Cam shows by Micky Bells are always welcome, and this time, Micky caps her show off by getting into a tub and using a handheld shower-head to wet herself down after spanking off. Huge and dramatic changes awaited Micky after she slimmed down. One of the most popular big-bust models who won V-mag's Plumper of the Year Award for 2013 (see May '14 Voluptuous), Micky was no longer a plumper after a seven-month diet and exercise program but she still had very big boobs. Writes Enterprises: "Micky Bells is absolutely incredible! I greatly admire her dedication and discipline to diet and exercise to lose that weight and trim her body and build her muscles. I am very much aware of what that takes. Micky, keep up your outstanding work! Semper Fi!"