Her son's away. It's time for a DP!

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Today, Rebecca Jane Smyth is getting DP'd by two guys who are in their 20s. They're her son's friends. At first, they seem to be a bit shy, but they loosen up very quickly when Rebecca Jane starts sucking their cocks. Before long, they're pounding away at her MILF pussy and asshole and double-stuffing her fuck holes. Is this the way two respectable young men are supposed to treat their buddy's mom? No, of course not, but who ever said they were respectable? Rebecca Jane is 46 years old and from London, England. When we asked her to name the most-fun job she's ever had, she said, "Porn star. I love it!" It suits her well. Rebecca Jane is a tall, shapely blonde with a beautiful body. If you ask us, she was made for this. More on Rebecca Jane... Hobbies: Watching horror movies. Panties: "None, usually, or a thong if I do." Perfect day: "Going to the cinema, a nice meal and good sex to finish." How do you dress when you go out?: "Always glamorous. I like to turn heads." Sexual fantasy: "I would love to fuck a vampire. They are so sexy." If someone could find us a real vampire, we'd happily film the scene.